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The Now Platform® is built for digital business Enterprise workflow automation is our core focus, and is delivered for more agility, greater time-to-value, and less cost on the Now Platform®. Built for a fast-changing world, the Now Platform connects people, processes, and data for greater productivity and innovation.  Explore Platform
Virtual Agent Intercept and resolve issues faster with an intelligent chatbot that understands simple, human language.
Performance Analytics Anticipate trends, prioritize resources, and continuously improve with real-time analytics.  
Generative AI Empower everyone with Now Assist and accelerate productivity across the enterprise.
Predictive Intelligence Simplify and accelerate everyday work with built-in machine learning.
Raleigh builds a people-focused smart city The City of Raleigh, NC relies on technological innovation to connect people, systems, and provide government services. Learn how it transformed with ServiceNow.  Read Story View Demo
Hitachi Energy reimagines enterprise-wide IT Hitachi Energy is pioneering innovative thinking, new ways of working, and using breakthrough digital technologies. Learn how it partnered with ServiceNow to make things quick and easy. Read Story View Demo
American University takes a service-first approach American University built a modern self-service portal that gives access to a wealth of campus-wide information. See how ServiceNow automation helped create an all-in-one portal. Read Story View Demo
Wipro boosts resilience and the employee experience Wipro implements a scalable and resilient platform with best-in-class digitalized workflows to automate and optimize its services. See how ServiceNow made zero-touch automation work. Read Story View Demo
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