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Performance Analytics Put the power of data into the hands of the stakeholders and subject matter experts who are responsible for successful service delivery. Get Infographic 
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Benefits of Performance Analytics
Anticipate trends Monitor performance to identify areas for improvement, and detect service bottlenecks before they occur.
Prioritize resources Bring clarity to what matters and quickly re-direct service coverage where it’s needed most.
Maximize automation and self-service Pinpoint where automation and self-service can increase efficiency.
Guide continual service improvement Take action on KPIs using Analytics Center, time charts, forecasts, breakdowns, and dashboards.
Features of Performance Analytics Get Data Sheet KPIs and dashboards Unlock value, measure, and accelerate performance with purpose-built metrics and dashboards. Real-time visibility Make better decisions and answer questions with instant insights into current patterns and trends. Spotlight Focus teams on what they should prioritize, using business requirements to rank tasks or records. KPI signals Get automatic alerts about anomalies that can impact service delivery.
 Additional features Analytics center View trends, predictions, breakdowns, and associated records for detailed performance analysis. Trusted information Use real-time, in-platform data as your single source of truth—not scattered info sources. Security and scale Rest easy while data stays secure, scales automatically, and permissions apply across the platform. In-form analytics Use embedded dashboard and KPIs within existing forms to get answers and enhance decision-making. Bring-your-own data Get the full picture by blending in-platform results with Excel worksheets or JDBC data sources.
How to get Performance Analytics Performance Analytics is available with the Now Platform®. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business. Explore Platform
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