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ESG Management

Elevate your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program with simple data collection, on-demand progress monitoring, and automated reporting.

Benefits of ESG Management

View your current and complete ESG story at once

Create a source of truth for all ESG and sustainability topics, goals, metrics, and disclosures.

Streamline data collection

Aggregate and validate data automatically to enhance disclosure reliability and audit readiness.

Monitor performance

Facilitate regular monitoring of progress against ESG goals across the enterprise.

Report efficiently, on demand, anytime

Simplify ESG data validation and visualization for more timely, accurate, and frequent reporting.

Features of ESG Management

Viewing ESG indicators in the executive dashboard

Executive dashboard

See your full ESG picture, including material topics, goals, and disclosures, in one place.

Collecting and evaluating ESG data from many systems

Data collection

Collect, calculate, and view quantitative and qualitative data on any ESG topic—from carbon to DEI.

Tracking your progress against ESG and Sustainability goals

Status checks

Track your ESG goal and target achievements more easily using a single source of truth.

Manage/conduct disclosures via automated ESG reporting

Automated disclosures

Stay up to date with streamlined reporting against standards and regulations like SASB, TCFD and CSRD.

How to get ESG Management

ServiceNow store</a>. Download it today, or talk to an expert to find out how ServiceNow<sup>®</sup> can help you elevate your ESG program. ">ESG Management is available at the ServiceNow store. Download it today, or talk to an expert to find out how ServiceNow® can help you elevate your ESG program.