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Manage enterprise assets for complete visibility at scale. Make data-driven decisions to control CapEx and OpEx, from planning to disposal.

Maximize your return on enterprise assets.

Capabilities that scale with your business

Enterprise Asset Management includes key applications to help automate the full lifecycle for physical business assets.

Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management

Implement strategic plans and financial oversight across the entire asset lifecycle.

Enterprise Asset Estate

Oversee a diverse range of enterprise asset types in a single system.

Multi-Component Assets

Define relationships to manage assets and their components.

Risk Scoring

Rate assets by risk level and generate color-coded heatmaps.

Enterprise Asset Inventory Management

Optimize asset inventory across all warehouse and stockroom locations.

Mobile Asset Receiving

Receive enterprise assets anywhere with mobile scanning.

Asset Inventory Audits

Track and reconcile enterprise asset inventories at every site.

Asset Refresh Planning

Set user-based asset refresh criteria and view updated eligibility lists.

Enterprise Asset Catalog

Provide a single place for employees to request assets.

Asset Reservations

Reserve and manage assets for temporary use with prescriptive workflows.


Identify business assets impacted by recalls and take action to comply.

Lease-End Management

Standardize end-of-lease procedures to extend, return, or buy out assets.

Enterprise Asset Maintenance

Create and manage maintenance plans for enterprise assets across all locations.

Enterprise Asset Work Management

Initiate and assign planned or ad-hoc asset work orders along with parts requirements.

Asset Reclamation

Simplify enterprise asset offboarding processes with prescriptive workflows.

Asset Onboarding and Offboarding

Streamline siloed processes for onboarding and offboarding assets with automated workflows.

Linear Asset Management

Track, manage, and maintain discrete enterprise and linear assets.

Contract and Renewal Management

Renew enterprise asset contracts in one workspace, with guided actions at every step.

Transform business with IT workflows

Unleash the power of IT

Transform your business with digital IT workflows. Modernize your operations to optimize productivity, cost, and resilience with a single platform for IT.

Explore the possibilities

See what benefits you can achieve when you know what assets you have, who uses them, and how much they cost. Learn more about our single-platform solution for managing your assets.