Now Platform Automate and improve work across the enterprise with the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation. Watch Intro (2:13) See Demo (2:30)
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One platform for enterprise automation

Born in the cloud, the Now Platform is the intelligent foundation that all ServiceNow products run on. It lets you automate and connect the work that moves your business forward, making it run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. Knock down silos and tame complexity. Fuel innovation at scale while you improve experiences for everyone.

One platform, one architecture, one data model. That’s the power of the platform.

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Native Intelligence
Native intelligence Use native intelligence to work smarter and make better decisions. Create AI-powered experiences and intelligently automate tasks to eliminate manual, error-prone work. Browse Now Intelligence Explore Generative AI
Automation Build, monitor, and optimize no-code automated workflows. Automate your processes across the business for next-level efficiency, and streamline workflows to reduce cost, grow productivity, and diminish repetitive tasks. Automate Workflows
Productivity and Engagement
Productivity and engagement The Now Platform puts power in the hands of workers, agents, and managers. It automates tools for routing and prioritization to keep your teams working on the right things. Real-time insights help them answer questions and resolve issues quickly. See Workspaces Explore Employee Center
Consistency and Scalability
Consistency and scalability Create consistency across your business processes and scale for growth with one platform, one data model, and one architecture. The Now Platform is built on a universal, standardized set of definitions and data model, so everything works seamlessly together. Find Out How
Secure by default The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. Rely on consistent, automated security controls and certified integrations. Keep your data safe with multilayer encryption. Automation also assures uninterrupted regulatory compliance. Learn More Get Infographic
Do more with the Now Platform Integrations with third-party software let you extend the benefits of the Now Platform across your company. Get your workflows dialed with hundreds of certified, ready to use applications from the ServiceNow Store. See Third-Party Apps Learn About Integrations
85% of Fortune 500® companies run on the Now Platform
Resources Browse a variety of content and learn how the Now Platform can help you achieve extraordinary business outcomes. See All Resources
Frequently asked questions What is ServiceNow?
Ranking as both a Fortune 500 company and one of the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies, ServiceNow provides a cloud-based, AI-driven platform to help businesses achieve success by digitizing tasks and processes across the enterprise.
What is generative AI?
Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is a type of artificial intelligence that creates realistic content by learning from existing data. GenAI can provide realistic and creative text, images, and other media to transform industries such as entertainment, marketing, and healthcare.
What is the Now Platform?
The Now Platform is the intelligent foundation that all ServiceNow products run on. Born in the cloud, the Now Platform uses a single data model and is based on a secure, task-based technology framework—with AI and machine learning built-in. It enables data to flow seamlessly across applications, departments, and existing systems to automate, optimize, and modernize work.
What is workflow automation?
Workflow automation is an effective way for businesses to streamline processes, reduce manual work, and enhance operational efficiency. It uses software to autonomously manage the flow of tasks and data in line with business rules.
What companies use ServiceNow?
Some of the largest, most successful companies in the world use ServiceNow, and 85% of the Fortune 500 have modernized their technology with ServiceNow products and solutions. Located all around the world, ServiceNow customers come from almost every industry.
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