Generative AI Put AI to work with Now Assist. Increase productivity, transform experiences, and accelerate agility using generative AI experiences on the Now Platform®. Watch Video (1:35) Get Infographic
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Now Assist innovations Improve productivity and efficiency across your organization with GenAI, powered by the Now Platform®.  Visit Store
Now Assist for IT Service Management Accelerate IT team productivity with generative AI experiences. Watch Video (1:04)
Now Assist for Customer Service Management Improve customer experiences and agent productivity with generative AI. Watch Video (0:50)
Now Assist for HR Service Delivery Resolve HR cases faster and more efficiently with generative AI.  Watch Video (0:58)
Now Assist for Creator Improve developer productivity with flow generation and intelligent recommendations for code. Watch Video (1:58)
Now Assist for Field Service Management Deliver faster, smarter field service experiences with generative AI. Watch Video (1:35)
Use cases for Now Assist Empower everyone with generative AI use cases purpose-built for the Now Platform. Case summarization  Reduce manual work for agents, with overviews and insights to help them start work fast. Conversational exchanges Deflect cases, empower people, and deliver engaging experiences with natural human language. Content creation Generate content automatically, including intelligent search results and work notes. Code generation Boost developer productivity with intelligent recommendations for code.
“Integrating generative AI capabilities into the Now Platform will revolutionize business models and workflows across every industry.” Gary Plotkin Digital Platforms Lead, KPMG
Real-world impact AI in the Enterprise Discover how AI is transforming work and what you can do to join the AI revolution. Browse Resources Pioneering next-gen AI Learn how open, scientific collaboration enables a transparent and auditable LLM supply chain. Explore Research
News on generative AI
NOVEMBER 16, 2023 Expansions to the Now Assist generative AI portfolio New capabilities for Now Assist include Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM). View Press Release
JULY 26, 2023 Partnering to advance generative AI ServiceNow® joins with NVIDIA and Accenture to collaborate on designing, developing, and implementing new GenAI use cases for enterprise customers. View Press Release
JULY 26, 2023 ServiceNow expands generative AI capabilities GenAI-based case summarization and text-to-code automate distilling and sharing of information to improve developer productivity and issue resolution. View Press Release
JUNE 13, 2023 ServiceNow launches Now Assist for Virtual Agent A new generative AI capability, Now Assist for Virtual Agent delivers conversational experiences and automates workflows. View Press Release
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